VTG conducts a maximum power, temperature coefficient, low irradiation, NOCT, field test in order to evaluate performance of our PV modules.

  • Performance evaluation is tested for maximum power, temperature coefficient, low irradiation, and NOCT.

  • VTG tests output degration and field performance annually according to installation condition.

VTG conducts uv exposure, thermal cycling, humidity freeze, damp heat, and pressure cooker tests to evaluate the safety of our PV modules.

Reliability Test IEC Standards VTG Standards
UV Exposure Test 15kWh/m2 Long term : 1,250kWh/m2 , Desert Condition : 3,250kWh/m2
Thermal Cycling Test TC 200 Cycles / HF 10 Cycles TC 600 Cycles / HF 30 Cycles
Damp Heat Test 1000 hours 3000 hours

VTG conducts insulation, wet leakage current, mechanical load, hail, and hot spot endurance tests to evaluate the safety of VTG solar modules.