VTG Corp. manufacturer high-performance solar products, including solar cells and PV-modules. VTG Corp. is a strong, knowledge based company, with significant experience in developing sophisticated automation systems and unique technologies for solar products.

A major part of VTG Corp.’s strategy is to conduct research and development aimed at optimizing the manufacturing processes to improve their efficiency and reliability. The power rating of VTG’s PV-modules in mass production is on average about 5 to 10 watts above industry average.

Leading manufacturer in cell technology industry

The only company that uses 100% double-printing technology in solar cell production
– Optimized contact resistance and solderability of conductor tracks of VTG’s cells. Less breakage of conductor tracks of VTG’s solar cells.
– Less breakage of conductor tracks of VTG’s solar cells.

Superior PID-resistance (Potential Induced Degradation)

Carefully chosen material from leading manufacturers

Reliable quality, high transparency
Excellent anti-PID and anti-UV performance
Back Sheet
Reliability and stability guaranteed through a low water vapor permeability of the fluorine-containing back sheet in extreme environmental conditions
Junction Box
Best diode suppliers to reduce the formation of hot-spots
High-quality sealed junction boxes guarantee the sealing
Glass surface with a closed nanostructure of the surface of our anti-reflective coating improves the durability and stain resistance of the module
Reliable quality and highest light transparency
Excellent scratch resistance
Top-quality surface treatment and higher Leitungsdichte guarantee outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of the modules
Certified salt mist and ammonia resistance

Excellent low-light performance and power output optimization